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From Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <l...@samba-tng.org>
Subject Re: random number generator
Date Tue, 01 Jan 2002 21:57:49 GMT
> Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 15:47:24 -0800
> To: "Ben Laurie" <ben@algroup.co.uk>,
>    "Justin Erenkrantz" <jerenkrantz@ebuilt.com>
> From: "Marc M. Adkins" <Marc.M.Adkins@Doorways.org>
> Cc: <dev@apr.apache.org>
> Subject: RE: random number generation
> Message-ID: <OIECKMOJOMBCOBBGDMKAAEMHCFAA.Marc.M.Adkins@Doorways.org>
> > > This is almost the entire problem with random numbers - what is
> > > good enough?

samba's random number generator uses /dev/[u]random whichever
is available; md4 on all files in /tmp, /dev and other locations
where large numbers of files are likely to be.

parts of this are then supplied as input to RC4, which is
very good for generating streams of random numbers, fast.

the algorithm used, as it stands, however, was "predictable",
as demonstrated by pete chown.  it was not, however, fixed
before then, because pete didn't get round to doing the

if you talk to jeremy allison and also to pete chown you will
be able to find out if the issue was fixed, and if so, you
will have a good algorithm to [BSD-re]implement.


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