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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Pointer-offset typesaftey
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 22:06:25 GMT

I'm working up a set of pointer<->offset typesaftey wrappers, for eventual
use in apr_shmem allocations [which cannot store pointers] and a new
companion interface, apr_rmm (for relocatable memory management) which will
implement the alloc/free stuff for any block of memory, including shmem.
[apr_shmem will simply manage a single, big allocation, and let the apr_rmm_
handle applications such as the auth_digest store.]

The code below works, rather nicely.  But I have a big issue that I can't
express the APR_SET_ADDR and APR_SET_OFFSET in a manner than makes them
a legitimate lhs or rhs expression without loosing typesaftey.

If anyone has any useful observations, I'd really appreciate it :)


#define APR_DECLARE_OFFSET_TYPE(roottype) \
    typedef struct { \
        roottype * p_oof; \
    } roottype##_off_t

#define APR_OFFSET(roottype) \

#define APR_SET_OFFSET(target, object, base) \
    (target).p_oof = (void*)(((char*)(object) - (char*)(base)) \
                           + ((object) - (target).p_oof) \
                           - ((object) - (target).p_oof))

#define APR_SET_ADDR(target, off, base) \
    (target) = (void*)(((char*)(base) + (int)((off).p_oof)) \
                     + ((target) - (off).p_oof) \
                     - ((target) - (off).p_oof))

typedef struct mytype1 mytype1;

typedef struct mytype2 mytype2;

typedef struct mytype1 {
    int n;
    APR_OFFSET(mytype2) first;
} mytype1;

typedef struct mytype2 {
    char c;
    APR_OFFSET(mytype2) next;
} mytype2;

int main() 
    mytype1 head;
    mytype2 node1;
    mytype2 node2;
    mytype1 *test1;
    mytype2 *test2;
    APR_OFFSET(mytype1) bitch;
    int stackpoint;

 /* This emits an error, as expected;
    APR_SET_OFFSET(bitch, &node1, &stackpoint);

    APR_SET_OFFSET(node1.next, &node2, &stackpoint);

    APR_SET_ADDR(test1, node1.next, &stackpoint);

 /* Must emit an error
    APR_SET_ADDR(test2, node1.next, &stackpoint);

    if (test1 == (void*)&node2)
        printf("test1 matched\n");
    if (test2 == (void*)&node2)
        printf("test2 matched, outch!\n");

    printf ("node is size %d, node1.next.p is %d", sizeof(node2.next), node1.next.p_oof);

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