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From dean gaudet <d...@arctic.org>
Subject RE: Pools rewrite [2]
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 12:03:48 GMT
[thanks for the bcc, sander]

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Sander Striker wrote:

> Right, ok.  The 8192 was a number used in the original pools code,
> I just ripped it :).  The BOUNDARY_SIZE is set to be 4096, which
> is the size of a page on most systems.

i recall doing some statistics gathering and trying to get a single block
to handle many common requests ...

> > On a thought from Dean Gaudet, how would performance be helped if
> > we #define'd apr_pcalloc to be:
> > #define apr_pcalloc(pool, size) memset(apr_palloc(pool, size), '\0', size);
> When out of mem, this will segfault at the point where the
> apr_pcalloc macro is used.

on linux (and anything else with optimistic memory allocation) you can't
check for out of memory just by checking for a NULL.  segfault is how you
find out you ran out of memory.  this thread has come up many times ;)
so it's pretty much impossible to do portable out of memory checks.

(if this is puzzling, think about copy-on-write fork semantics... and how
a pessimistic OS like solaris requires GB of swap which are never used.)

> Secondly, the size is aligned to the next multiple of 8 bytes within
> apr_pcalloc, this to the advantage of memset.  I wonder if taking
> the memset out of the function will improve performance.  I personally
> doubt it.  Dean, care to enlighten me?

i doubt there are compilers that can figure out that the size has been
aligned inside the apr_pcalloc function.

whereas in the macro version, structure sizes are always naturally aligned
for the target processor, and the compiler knows that as long as it has
the constant.

the macro won't really help performance 'cause the cases where calloc is a
perf problem are typically because the memset itself is overkill.
(there's a great example of this in EAPI, or at least there was in the
EAPI that came with the apache on redhat 6.x... i haven't looked to see if
it was ever fixed.  memset of 8KB of otherwise unused memory for every


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