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From "Sander Striker" <stri...@apache.org>
Subject RE: APR_POOL_DEBUG and apr_pool_tag()
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2001 17:29:56 GMT
> From: trawick@rdu163-40-092.nc.rr.com
> [mailto:trawick@rdu163-40-092.nc.rr.com]On Behalf Of Jeff Trawick

> apr_pool_tag() would seem to be very cheap in terms of space and
> time as well as potentially useful for debugging problems in
> production builds.
> Does it really need to be noop-ed if APR_POOL_DEBUG isn't defined?

I don't know.  I noop-ed it, because it was only likely to be
usefull when debugging.  If people think otherwise we can put it
behind APR_POOL_TAG or something like that, or leave it on always.

> I'd like to see it always and I'd like to tweak Apache to use it in
> more places.

Yes.  When working on sms I had a full set of changes for httpd.  At
every pool create there was a tag.  Got rid of the changes though when
we removed sms from the codebase.

> I see that today apr_pool_tag() is almost the only thing controlled
> via APR_POOL_DEBUG but I would imagine that folks will implement more
> costly debug tools in the figure which you'd get with APR_POOL_DEBUG.

Yes.  Working on it.  I have time in two days to round it up.  It's
going to be very straight forward.

> Thoughts?
> (just fretting about the latest SIGHUP segfault with worker; pretty
> likely that it is a pool misuse; it'd be nice to walk through the
> coredump seeing "process", "pconf", "transaction", etc.  yeah I can
> define APR_POOL_DEBUG but what happens when APR_POOL_DEBUG gets too
> expensive to use on a normal basis?)

This sounds like good moment to introduce for APR_POOL_TAG.

> -- 
> Jeff Trawick


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