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From Stas Bekman <s...@stason.org>
Subject about usefulness of apr_file_mktemp
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 15:36:16 GMT
I've looked at apr_file_mktemp (need it for mod_perl 2.0). I guess I 
don't understand something. Why the developer is supposed to do the work 
of mktemp? It wants to receive a path-template, but how am I supposed to 
know what path will work across platforms? e.g. /tmp is not available on 
all platforms and writing into the current directory is not an option. I 
don't know much about non-Unix OSs, not talking about differences in 
Unix tmp filesystems.

I want a pure tmpfile() function which figures out where to create the 
file and what names it wants it to give, where I don't have to think 
about portability issues.

POSIX defines these two function:
   char *tmpnam(char *s);
   FILE *tmpfile (void);
that do what I want.

I know that POSIX is not available everywhere, but that doesn't help to 
improve the portability of the code using APR.

I think at least things would be easier if there was apr_tmp_dir() 
(which returns the existing temp dir) which then could be used to create 
a template wanted by apr_file_mktemp.


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