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From Pavel Novy <n...@feld.cvut.cz>
Subject [PATCH] Apache 2.0 and NetWare - compatibility issue (next try)
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2001 12:54:56 GMT
I've revised proposed changes in a apr_uri_t structure (attached).
I think it's better to use "unsigned short" instead of "unsigned char" 
to store the flags - then the size of that struct is 44 bytes for both 
Linux (no change here when patch applied due to 4-byte alignment, so no 
problem with size of a request_rec structure) and NetWare target (i386 
architecture). The size of the struct will be the same for NetWare 
target if compiled with gcc, Watcom and CodeWarrior.
If there is some reason to not confirm, let's discuss.


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