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From Pavel Novy <n...@feld.cvut.cz>
Subject Re: Fw: [PATCH] Apache 2.0 and NetWare - compatibility issue (second try)
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 15:56:03 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> Forwarding to the correct list.

Sorry, I missed that Apache 2.0 is devided into HTTPD and APR (and 
APR-UTIL)... Anyway, it is also HTTPD related patch/issue due to 
potential consequences in httpd-2.0 (size of request_rec struct shared 
between the core and external modules).

> No objection here; but if patch is complete (?) then wtf are the extra
> two bits still doing here (no your patch Novy, but hanging on with the
> port to apr.)  And if they will still exist, should we be setting those
> flags absolute, or |='ing that bit?  (We don't appear to reset the other
> two bits in the same pass, though perhaps we always should have.)
> Bill

Call to a memset is made for whole struct just before this assignment in 
apr_uri.c (two occurrences), so "=" has the same effect like "|=" here. 
If you think that it would be done by a different way, change it please.

My basic idea was to remove problematic bitfield from the struct and 
left it still extendable. I don't known if there is any reason to have 
other extra bits here at the moment - they probably came from Apache 1.3 
project. BTW, I didn't find any reference to these DNS related variables 
(bits) in the sources (httpd-2.0, apr, apr-util), but maybe some 3rd 
party modules are using them...

"|=", "&=~" and "&" operations can be ordinarily used for setting, 
resetting and testing of individual bits, then.


> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Pavel Novy" <novy@feld.cvut.cz>
> To: <dev@httpd.apache.org>
> Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 8:46 AM
> Subject: [PATCH] Apache 2.0 and NetWare - compatibility issue (second try)
>>here are the corresponding patches to solve implementation/alignment 
>>issues with the bitfield used in a shared struct (apr_uri_t -> 
>>request_rec). These problems are occuring if compiling Apache 2.0 for 
>>NetWare (Apache 1.3 also) with various compilers (gcc, Watcom, 
>>CodeWarrior). Changes are designed for "apr-util/include/apr_uri.h" and 
>>"apr-util/uri/apr_uri.c" files. There are some other ways how it could 
>>be changed here, of course - we can use "unsigned long" to store the 
>>flags instead of "unsigned char" here (to alocate space for future use), 
>>define "is_initialized" separately etc. Size of a request_rec struct 
>>(defined in httpd-2.0/include/httpd.h) may be potentially affected by 
>>these changes on some other target platforms (not only on NetWare), so 
>>it's needed to test it on all platforms thoroughly...

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