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From Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <l...@samba-tng.org>
Subject TNG services and FreeDCE development
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 23:48:44 GMT
development time estimates for TNG / dcerpc.net project tasks


portability rewrite       50? (to use Apache Runtime Library for preference)
pthreads rewrite         200? (2nd preference: cut out dcethreads)


APR NamedPipe emulation   50?
NT Security emulation     50?


idl file                  90
server                    76
client / test             76


idl file [mostly done]    24
test server              120
client / test            120


idl file                 120
server                   120
client / test             80

ntlmssp and integration of ntlmssp into freedce ntlmsspauth:

server [mostly done]     100
client [just beginning]  100
credential cache          16
auth (server-side)        24
auth (client-side)        24

nt "named pipe" emulation layer:

tng server-side [done]   100 (it's basically done)
tng client-side [done]   100 (ditto)
freedce srv-side          80 (25% complete)
freedce client-side       80 (25% complete)
freedce auth integration  36 (related to rpc_binding_set_auth_info)

i've probably missed some things out, here.

times are in hours.

if anyone would like to assist with any of the above
development, your time and input would be greatly
appreciated: please register on dcerpc.net, place
an ssh public key in your user-profile and let me
know which of the above projects and tasks you would
like to help with.

minimum requirements are to have linux on, preferably
an x86 or other intel-byte-order machine (at the moment:
later on we will need to test against reverse-intel-byte-order);
ssh, cvs, gcc and other development tools;
experience or enthusiasm with c development;
lots of enthusiasm;
internet connection not blocking cvs port access.



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