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From "Mladen Turk" <mt...@mappingsoft.com>
Subject [ADDON] db-1.85 for apr-util
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 20:18:27 GMT
Hi all,

Don't know if this has some meaningful usage for the rest of community
but here is the whole story.

Recently I needed a database-like storage mechanism for the apache
module I'm working on, so there was couple of things that I need to
One of the major things was that the range-based searches needed to be
performed on the data itself, so the standard apr-util sdbm
implementation didn't fit.
Of course the logical choice would be to use the Sleepycat's DB-3.XX,
but it cost is around $15K, and it has lots of overhead that I don't
need (like transactions).
The db-1.85 on the other hand works only on *NIX, so what I did is the
port of db-1.85 that uses apr as I/O library.
All three storage structures are implemented (HASH, BTREE and RECNO). 

I've tested the utility both on WIN32 and RH-7.1. The test database was
around 12GBytes and the performance is quite satisfactory.
Didn't try to integrate it with the apr_dbm (IMHO it need some rewrite).
What happened with Ian's work on cleaning that, couple of months ago?

The package itself is around 83K, so it can be downloaded from:
The archive should be unpacked to apr-util directory and should compile
without warnings :)


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