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From "Sander Striker" <stri...@apache.org>
Subject [PROPOSAL] apr-client
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2001 21:14:05 GMT
Hi all,

I wish to propose a new library: apr-client.
It is basically a http client library.  I see
a direct use for at least three projects:
 - mod_proxy (which has most of the code in it),
 - flood (to do more flexible testing, for example
          with authentication, or even ssl client auth),
 - subversion (which is currently using neon).

The library is going to be based on apr
and apr-util, and will have an optional dependency
on openssl (through a --with-ssl[=path] switch).

 - sessions
 - request building
 - response parsing
 - pipelining
 - authentication support
 - filters
   - like ssl, gz, chunk

Callbacks will be used to drive events (like responses,
or the need for auth information).

The library should make heavy use of buckets/brigades,
I dare even say the request building is a thin wrapper
around those.

Requests supported should be all HTTP requests and
the DAV extensions.

The filters are a nice area for code reuse.  The logic
for the client is ofcourse reversed, so we can have
a chunk filter on the request side and a dechunk on the
response side.  This is just an example, replace
chunk/dechunk with gzip/unzip and you have another.
Same goes for ssl.  This way the same code gets used in
multiple places which results in more extensive testing
of this code (which is a nice side effect).

You might ask yourself why the world would need yet
another http client library.  Well, there seem to be
only two good ones: curl and neon.  Curl is bloated
(has ftp, gopher, etc support and is more a general
 network client library).  Neon is good, but LGPL.  Also,
it doesn't tie in nicely with apr (example is malloc/free
usage in it, which requires the user to malloc a chunk
of mem, fill it, pass it to neon which then frees it).

Well, this mail isn't the extensive description I wanted
to give*, but surely enough to get some feedback.


*) Am a bit distracted for some reason.

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