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From Sterling Hughes <sterl...@designmultimedia.com>
Subject Re: [proposal] DBM - allow multiple DBM's of differnt types at the same time.
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2001 17:56:05 GMT

> sorry bout that.
> MSVC does it's own thing with spacing ;(
> (ok.. I've run the code through indent so that should help.)

    It looks good -- a couple of comments:

    1) Perhaps sync and optimize API functions could be added, yes,
    some db's don't support this, but they can just do nothing for those
    db's (no loss if there is no API for it).

    2) Sometimes people may want to compile with support for two
    databases and then decide at runtime which one they want to use.
    Could this not be put into the current implementation?

    3) Some of the Berkeley DB stuff doesn't look quite right to me,
    however, I'm no expert (could be perfectly fine).  Someone else should
    probably take a closer look at this though....


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