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From Sterling Hughes <sterl...@designmultimedia.com>
Subject [patch] apr_pathinfo()
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 11:00:40 GMT

    I've recently needed functionality to portably analyze the different
    parts of an OS path (ie, /home/foo.com/www/test.xml), therefore,
    I've written the following function, loosely based on
    apr_filename_from_pathname() which returns the information on a OS path
    into a structure (the name of the file, the directory path, and the
    file ending).

    Attached is a patch which removes the apr_filename_from_pathname()
    function, and adds the apr_pathinfo() function.  I've split the
    apr_pathinfo() function into a seperate file (apr_path.c) simply
    because apr_cpystrn.c (where apr_filename_from_pathname() was
    implemented) just didn't seem to be the proper place to put the
    function.  Actually, not to start another thread, but.. there
    doesn't really seem to be a standard file to put some assorted
    string functions in (like apr_strlib.c or something).

    Another note is that these functions take a pool to allocate memory,
    historically these type of functions don't behave like this (dirname()
    and basename() for example).  But, I've found (personally) that it
    leads to some annoying errors, therefore each portion of the string
    that is extracted is duplicated.  I don't anticipate this being a
    huge deal, mainly because at most you're copying a couple of characters


    Ps: The path splitting functionality is not at all equivalent to
    dirname() or basename(), I think it makes sense this way, however,
    if people really want, I can make it dirname() and basename()

    Pps: Again sorry the patch is a bit big ;)

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