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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@ebuilt.com>
Subject Re: apr_bucket_simple_split
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2001 09:05:45 GMT
> As with Roy, I am entirely for consistency of the API, and the work that you
> did to clean it up is Good. But apr_off_t is the real, potential size of a
> bucket's data.

In other words, if the portability library isn't abstracting this under
the covers, then it isn't much of a portability library.  All of our
sizes should be apr_off_t until we get to the os layer, at which point
the messy code of dealing with os_limit < bucket_size can be dealt with
in the inevitably butt-ugly and os-specific ways.

Bill is absolutely right that this is going to be nasty to get right,
and will add overhead to platforms where apr_off_t != apr_ssize_t, but
the alternative is to define a lowest common denominator interface and
force every generator of buckets to deal with the complexity of large-file

> (and yes, I could also agree with tossing the platform-specific apr_off_t
>  and saying they are apr_int64_t or apr_uint64_t (if the latter, then we
>  would need a const for the "-1" concept we have now))

Eww, yuck... the whole reason we have apr_off_t (instead of just using plain
old off_t) is to not be tied to a particular size -- I hear that some
platforms use a 32-bit off_t and another type for large-file interfaces,
using a separate interface library for the large-file calls.


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