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From "Sander Striker" <stri...@apache.org>
Subject RE: SMS usage patterns, hierarchies
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 16:32:03 GMT
> could someone explain to me why there are two stacks
> of apr_sms_trivial, such that you get the double
> list-walk in the first place?
> please? :)

Ok, this is due to the way we have created the patch to
allow sms to be used instead of pools. We chose the
"trivial" sms as the replacement for _all_ pools, except
the top level one. [You can see this in the hierarchy
charts I put up this week].
> is there a good reason why apr_sms_trivial is not
> using apr_sms_general to obtain its memory?

Yes, to hold the hierarchy. Another option would be
using "tracking" instead of "trivial".

> surely, to get blocks for a child directly from
> malloc [via apr_sms_general] would be better than
> going to another apr_sms_trivial, which, as the
> stats show, does yet another list-walk?

See above.

> also, would someone like to write an apr_sms_trivial_using_hashchains?
> the idea here would be that the size of the memory block
> is used as a hash-lookup into the currently-available free chain,
> instead of list-walking.
> surely, that saves time, yes?

How would you take care of block sizes that are only differ a few
bytes in size? How do you satisfy a request for X bytes when you
don't have a block of X bytes, only larger or smaller?
> anyone care to refute this hypothesis and proposal?



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