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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <p...@betaversion.org>
Subject Re: libapr and --disable-shared?
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 11:42:25 GMT
Copying the Tomcat list....  (barf barf, too much crossposting :) :)


jean-frederic clere at jfrederic.clere@fujitsu-siemens.com wrote:
>> I'm going to do it... And if he remembers his -1, he'll roll back :)
> Well, I said that the problems we had in mod_webapp due to APR should be
> solved in APR not in mod_webapp. I think that not a -1 for using APR sources
> instead APR installation. It is just a matter of configure/makefiles I am sure
> Pier will not -1 a proposal to support both APR sources and APR installation
> in mod_webapp.

Right _now_ the only way to be sure to build correctly, is to do it from the
sources, and so that's what I'm going to do. If, in the future, the build
and installation process for APR will allow us to build also from a possible
APR distribution, I'll be more than happy to support it... But now, it's
better to switch.

> I am also worried with mod_webapp for Apache-2.0, what will happend when a
> internal typedef of APR comming from httpd will be used by mod_webapp and will
> be handled differently there because of different APR version?

Who said that for Apache 2.0 there will be 2 different versions of APR? I
never did (I actually said quite the contrary, that it would be cool to link
against the HTTPd binary as they do in BeOS.

> I am not every happy to use APR sources in mod_webapp, because I use a "libapr
> and --disable-shared" for mod_webapp on my test platforms (Linux and
> ReliantUnix).

Hmmm... That's why you don't want to build mod_webapp using the APR sources?

> It did not work because APR needs some "system libraries". To work-around this
> problem I have added a LDFLAGS/CFLAGS in mod_webapp makefiles for that. I
> think that the information about which "system libraries" are neeed should be
> provided by APR in APRVARS.

You see? How can I get access to APRVARS if I don't use the APR sources?
Should I just wait for APR to be released as 1.0 to start working on
mod_webapp again? The _right_ way to do it _now_ is using APR from the
sources... It's actually the _only_ simple way. As Apache 2.0 does.

> I have also tried with a shared libapr, but that was some weeks ago. I
> remember MM problems and some "system library missing".

DOH! ???? So why do you keep saying that you're against using sources...
Since all those problems are simply fixed by using them....


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