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From Karl Fogel <kfo...@collab.net>
Subject Re: Upgrading apr to autoconf 2.50 and libtool 1.4
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 18:52:49 GMT
"Roy T. Fielding" <fielding@ebuilt.com> writes:
> > Humm, I don't seem to be having much luck getting this autoconf
> > and libtool upgrade patch accepted. Is there a specific reason
> > this patch was not added? It does not require anything new
> Yes, the patch makes a whole bunch of changes to the MM configure, which
> only Ralf wants to maintain and he probably has a massive stack
> of back e-mail and ssl changes to get to first.

I'd like to second Mo's urgings.

Subversion would like to be buildable with autoconf 2.50 and libtool
1.4, but is waiting on APR.

Yes, technically, we could go ahead and patch up Subversion right now,
but it seems pointless, because the new parts are much less likely to
see real use if APR still requires developers to have 2.13 and 1.3
installed anyway.  As long as such a major foundation component only
works with the old autoconf and libtool, Subversion's best course is
(unfortunately) to stay with them as well.

Is Ralf the only person qualified to review the MM configuration
changes?  Surely delegating configuration review is possible?  How
long do we want to wait?  (Not meant to be an attack on Ralf in any
way, of course; he is no more or less responsible for the delay than
any of us.)

Apologies that I am not qualified to do it myself -- this would be an
appropriate time to volunteer, but my knowledge is merely basic when
it comes to autoconf/libtool issues.


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