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From Brian Pane <bp...@pacbell.net>
Subject table inefficiencies Re: Observations on fragmentation in SMS pools
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2001 03:22:38 GMT
Jon Travis wrote:

>Tables should definitely be moved to APR-util if they are to remain.  As
>for Apache, there are better structures that dictate general order than
>the table.  IMNSHO, the only reason tables are still in Apache is inertia.
>Nobody wants to go through and change everything to a more sane data
>structure.  Case insensitive searches -- linear search time over the
>table ... ugh.  
It's worth noting that half of the apr_table_get calls in
Apache are from mod_mime.  I posted a patch to new-httpd
a couple of weeks ago that replaces mod_mime's tables with
hash tables.

Other frequent callers of linear-time table lookups:
ap_set_byterange, ap_setup_client_block.


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