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From Brian Pane <bp...@pacbell.net>
Subject Re: SMS lock on demand WAS: RE: Possible race condition...
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 21:33:48 GMT
Sander Striker wrote:

>>Sander Striker wrote:
>>>Coupling the registration to thread creation, rather than SMS creation,
>>>resolves some of the concerns that I listed previously.  But I still have
>>>some questions about what happens during alloc/free in this model.
>>>Is your plan that the alloc/free functions should check sms->thread_count
>>>and do locking if it is greater than 1?
>>>No, when the thread_count is increased, the lock is automatically
>>>created in the apr_sms_thread_register function.
>>>In the code we do this:
>>>   if (SMS_XXX_T(sms)->lock)
>>>       apr_lock_acquire(SMS_XXX_T(sms)->lock);
>>I still count two, or maybe three, race conditions here:
>>  * The lock can become non-null between the if-statement and
>>    the allocation code that follows (because somebody registers
>>    with the SMS from another thread).
>>  * In apr_sms_thread_register, two threads can collide in this
>>    part:
>>        if (!sms->lock) {
>>            sms_lock = apr_lock_create();
>>        }
>>    It's possible for a newly created lock to be leaked in this code.
>>  * I'm not sure if the pointer assignment "sms_lock = ..."
>>    is going to be atomic on all the supported architectures.
>The child thread is register in the parent thread. So, in the case of
>the first created thread, a lock will be created. This does not happen
>in the stub.
That eliminates the first race condition, but not the second.  Consider this
  * There are two global SMSs, sms1 and sms2.
  * Two threads, p1 and p2, are created with sms1 as the SMS supplied to
  * Prior to the creation of p1 and p2, sms2 is unused.
  * p1 creates a child thread, c1, and passes sms2 as the SMS for
    apr_thread_create to use.
  * p2 creates a child thread, c2, and passes sms2 as the SMS for
    apr_thread_create to use.

During the last two steps, we're vulnerable to the lock creation
race condition.

As far as I know, this isn't a case that will ever happen in Apache,
but it's possible in APR based apps in general.  I guess there are
two ways to solve it: 1) add code to defend against the race condition,
or 2) impose a convention that says that p1 and p2 must register
themselves with sms2 before they're allowed to create any other
threads that use it.


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