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From <dr...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apr/memory/unix apr_sms.c apr_sms_trivial.c
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2001 23:31:26 GMT
> now... you guys may have palloc() returning NULL because you've put a
> layer of indirection into pools so that you can have pools on top of
> exotic storages.  if that's the case, then i really hope that one of
> those exotic pools is never passed to an httpd routine expecting a
> plain old memory pool.  'cause you'll waste a lot of cpu cycles putting
> NULL checks everywhere.


> i didn't look to see what happenned where the old abort() was. 
> anything which manages to squeeze out a log message (or exit(1) trying)
> is totally cool.

which is what we'll add.  i didn't see a default abort in the pools code, 
but i may not have looked hard enough, or i'd have added one already.  i 
guess it'll just dump a message to stderr and then exit, just like it does 
already in some routines.


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