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From Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <l...@samba-tng.org>
Subject Re: Pools in threads
Date Sun, 15 Jul 2001 22:46:31 GMT
> In order to provide a win against the current pool code in a threaded
> MPM, we *need* to have thread-specific SMS that have no locks or
> association to anything other than a simple unlocked (from APR's
> perspective) malloc/free (aka std) SMS.  -- justin


well... uhmmm... this is going to sound odd.  i'm not even sure
if it will help, because i am a bit out of my depth in understanding
the problem.

how about a 'pass-through' sms for threads?

all it does is to create an apr_sms_thread_passthrough() is:

memcpy(&thr_pthru, &someothersms_api);
then OVERRIDE the create function, calling the *someothersms*->create.

you then do your 'thread-specific' stuff that you need to do,
e.g. locking _whatever_, i really don't know, as a wrapper around
the someothersms.

in other words, via this technique, you can turn a non-thread-capable
SMS into a thread-safe one.

... does that sound a bit mad, but useful, or am i way off the mark.


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