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From "David Reid" <dr...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject Re: Timezones logic...
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 21:35:32 GMT
> hiya david,
> i just want to double-check something.  i got caught out by
> creating cookies of 1 year which actually turned into 30 seconds
> because apr_time_t is in microseconds :) :)
> so, could you confirm at the points below for me?   thanks
> also, i should point out some experience from seeing over-the-wire
> stuff from SMB, which may be relevant to NT.
> > We wrote the apr_implode_time routine to take an exploded time structure
> > (that is an APR only structure) and create a time_t from it.  There is
>                                                ^^^^^^
> do you mean a time_t or do you mean an apr_time_t?  the external
> interface is apr_time_t.

ok, it's an apr_time_t that should be a time_t on most platforms...

> you are referring to internal implementation details, yes?


> > This is quick and easy and makes sense (I hope) to everyone reading it.
> > it is server oriented but then it also works for client apps.  Brane's
> > addition of apr_implode_gmt helps with those apps that demand a GMT/UTC
> > time.
> okay.


> microsoft's implementation of GMT over-the-wire is... uhhh...  wrong!
> [they couldn't even implement a well-known algorithm correctly, having
> used localtimes for years.  and of course, once released, they have
> to _keep_ it because it's too late by then, you and everyone else
> and their mothers have to be backwards-compatible with KludgeGMT...]
> what they actually do is reverse-convert-back from localtime, but
> they do it at the wrong times, such that for about a day or so
> around daylight saving time changes, GMT goes haywire +/- one hour.
> it may be time well worth spent investigating whether the top-level
> NT API that gives you GMT is as equally broken or not w.r.t file
> timestamps and time creation. etc.  or whether you have to do
> the conversion _correctly_ yourselves.

Well, as I don't have a compiler for windows (anyone wants to supply one I'm
game) then this will have to wait for Bill or OtherBill to sort out.  No
wonder NT is so messed up.

(in Dubai where it's way too hot and sticky)

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