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From "Mladen Turk" <mt...@mappingsoft.com>
Subject Error in apr_stat for WIN platform
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2001 14:41:09 GMT
Hi all,
I don't now who is in charge for that particular peace of code, but...
First of all, can someone explain to me what would be the counterpart of
APR_FINFO_DEV and APR_FINFO_INODE on Windows platform, and also browsing
entire source I didn't found any reference to those two defines even on
UNIX, but those two defines are combined in APR_FINFO_NORM, and
implications on using it on apr_stat on WIN32 platform are that existing
file is reported as non-existing.
One example of that is that the htpasswd (Apache 2) utility doesn't work
on WIN32, well you can create the file and initial user, but you can't
add any further user to the same file because apr_stat reports that the
requested file does not exists. Of course if you use APR_FINFO_MIN in
call to apr_stat, then it reports that file as existent.
To resolve the problems when using flag APR_FINFO_NORM on WIN32 platform
I've added the following on line 272 in file 
    finfo->valid |= APR_FINFO_DEV | APR_FINFO_INODE;
after that the apr_stat behaves as should (I hope). I know that this
disables checking for those two flags, but as I said what would be the
purpose for them at all.
Mladen Turk
MCSE/GIS Specialist
Sisiceva 10,
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
mailto: mturk@mappingsoft.com

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