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From Jeff Trawick <trawi...@bellsouth.net>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/server request.c
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 17:24:02 GMT
Cliff Woolley <cliffwoolley@yahoo.com> writes:

> On 6 Jun 2001 trawick@apache.org wrote:
> >   -    if (r->finfo.filetype) {
> >   +    if (r->finfo.filetype != APR_NOFILE) {
> >    	/* assume path_info already set */
> Wow, so we have APR_NOFILE _and_ APR_ENOFILE?  That's awfully confusing,
> don't you think?

err umm no real opinion as to confusability... one is an error code
(APR_E*) and one isn't

clearly APR_ENOFILE is useless and should be removed, so any possible
confusion should go away

whether or not the apache use of r->finfo.filetype is clean is another
matter altogether :)

is it part of the formal API that finfo.filetype being zero means we
didn't find the file?

if so, then why define APR_NOFILE?  just to make the enum include all
valid values?

if not, then does apr_file_stat (or whatever it is) always initialize
finfo.filetype to APR_NOFILE since a caller's memset(,0,)/*calloc() of
the storage didn't initialize it to the right value?

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