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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@covalent.net>
Subject Re: Accept mutex
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 15:45:54 GMT

Actually; I've just written this for an in-house experiment at covalent;
by just using function pointers. See attached hack to get an idea. It is
not ready for submittal - as it does not yet have sensible default choise.


On Fri, 22 Jun 2001, Jim Jagielski wrote:

> I've been toying with the idea of making the accept mutex selection
> a runtime rather than compile-time option. This makes sense to me
> for certain applications. At present, however, APR decides the mutex
> type and Apache uses that. So we either need some way for APR to
> determine all possible available options, and then "enable" them
> (provide the required calls) and then have an Apache directive do the
> required right-thing to pick the one you want.
> One way would be to add another argument to the APR call that defines
> the lock type (enum would be best, 'natch). Whatcha think?

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