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From <...@covalent.net>
Subject Re: GCC 2.96 optimization bug
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 02:32:40 GMT

> > > Thoughts?  Should we just avoid this problem and tell anyone using a
> > > default install of Mandrake that they are screwed?  Or, do we just
> > > disable compiler optimizations with gcc 2.96?  -- justin
> >
> > We shouldn't have to work around bugs in beta versions of the compiler.
> > If somebody is using a buggy compiler, then they are screwed.  Hopefully,
> > this will teach distributions that they have a responsability to use good
> > packages when they assemble their dist.
> Much as I'd love to agree with you, it seems to me that RHL7.1 and the
> corresponding Mandrake distro are widespread enough that we should pay
> them attention.  If they're broken and we know how to work around it, I
> think we should.  Or at *least* we should warn the user to install a
> usable revision of gcc.  Just letting it segfault with no warning at all
> doesn't seem acceptable to me.
> PS: Don't take this to mean that I think we're responsible for finding all
> bugs in the RH distros and accounting for them... I just think that if we
> *do* happen to know about one that's as nasty as this then we should try
> to inform the user somehow.  <shrug>

I wouldn't have any problem putting a message in the install file, or
putting a warning in even in the autoconf script.  I do not want to get in
the habit of putting work-arounds in our configure script for buggy
compilers though.  If we fix the problems with poor distributions, then we
are condoning people releasing software before it is ready.  Red Hat and
Mandrake made a poor decision, but we shouldn't have to hack our config
file to fix their mistake.  If we work-around this by exiting and issuing
a message that says:

"Your compiler is known to have bugs which stop Apache from working
properly.  Please re-configure with CFLAGS=-O2"

This gets around the problem, but doesn't make us responsible for fixing
RH and Mandrake's mistakes.  If there was some way to put their names in
the error, that would be even better.

Unless groups hold RH and Mandrake accountable, they will continue to make
irresponsible decisions.


Ryan Bloom                        	rbb@apache.org
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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