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From <...@covalent.net>
Subject Re: apr_mmap interface (was: Re: mmap buckets are a bit bogus)
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 14:51:22 GMT
On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, Greg Stein wrote:

> Euh... to be clear, this isn't related to the MMAP buckets, right? You're
> talking about the MMAP interface.
> I would agree: the offset seems rather bogus. Why not just return the
> ptr/len of the mmap and let the user add to the pointer (as necessary).
> Oh, christ. Looking at the function, that is exactly what it does. A pointer
> add. Let's toss the darn function.
> And while looking at apr_mmap.h: why is the structure public? Ack! That guy
> should be private.

It was private.  The problem is that the buckets really needed it to be
public.  The only really sane way to implement an MMAP, is as a void
pointer and a length, but for some reason some platforms require more than


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