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From "Sander Striker" <stri...@samba-tng.org>
Subject Possible race condition in pools WAS: RE: Thoughts on locks
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2001 08:03:37 GMT
> In the current apr_palloc, the lock is only around the call to new_block.
> I think that's reasonable; new_block is manipulating a global
> free list, so it has to be mutex-protected.

This triggered me to investigate the pools code again. It seems to me that
there is a possible race condition when two threads share the same pool.
Examine the following piece of code that is not protected by a lock:

    new_first_avail = first_avail + size;

    if (new_first_avail <= blok->h.endp) {
        debug_verify_filled(first_avail, blok->h.endp,
                            "[apr_palloc] Ouch!  Someone trounced past the
end "
                            "of their allocation!\n");
        blok->h.first_avail = new_first_avail;
        return (void *) first_avail;

Now in a situation with 2 threads that call apr_palloc at the same time
(both requesting a size that fits the last block):

     A                                       B
T1   new_first_avail = first_avail + size;
T2                                           new_first_avail = first_avail +

Now, the test will succeed in both A and B, effectively returning the same
memory twice:

     if (new_first_avail <= blok->h.endp) {
         blok->h.first_avail = new_first_avail;
         return (void *) first_avail;

Or am I missing something?


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