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From Ian Holsman <i...@cnet.com>
Subject Re: Possible race condition in pools WAS: RE: Thoughts on locks
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2001 22:56:06 GMT
damn meetings... the code is 90% there and lives in:


the code is designed to test 'pools' so SMS would have to implement
the pool function names... (for the first pass of the code anyway)


(hoping to complete it tomorrow)

On 28 Jun 2001 08:51:00 -0700, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 08:28:41AM -0700, Ian Holsman wrote:
> > I'm in the middle of writing a pool-tester
> > which can take a file and pool allocation commands
> > (alloc/create/destroy/etc)
> > and replay them.
> > combine this with some threads, and a capture tool in the current pool
> > code and we should be able to test different pooling algorithms easily.
> > 
> > (should be done today)
> Yea, please post when you are done!  My gut feeling is that threaded APR
> is just awful at pool allocation right now.  =)  If we use SMS, it'd be 
> nice to have some way of knowing whether we are faster than what we 
> have now.  Baselines (no matter how sucky) are good to have before
> embarking on such a change.  I wonder how the SMS stuff will mix with a
> prefork MPM - which never needed locking in the first place.  Be worth
> checking out.  -- justin

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