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From Branko ─îibej <br...@xbc.nu>
Subject Re: apr_implode_time and time zones
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 19:10:03 GMT
David Reid wrote:

>What's with the HTML email????
Nothing. Check your mail client.

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>>Hmm, good point. But that's easily fixed, I think.
>Why should it be fixed???

I think we're having a bit of a misunderstanding here. My fault; I 
should have got some sleep before posting.

So, let me try again.

First, some history: Subversion uses the APR time functions to record 
the time stamps of revision-controlled files in the working copy. It 
does this by statting the file, using apr_explode_localtime and writing 
a text representation of the result to disk (including the tm_gmtoff 
field). Later on it uses that timestamp to check if the file has 
changed: it reads the timestamp back in, scans it into an 
apr_exploded_time_t and uses apr_implode_time to get an apr_time_t, 
which it compares to the one coming from apr_stat. Obviously, this 
didn't work, because the apr_time_t we got from apr_implode_time wasn't UTC.

So I looked at apr_implode_time, and thought, "Aha, that'a a bug, we're 
ignoring tm_gmtoff." Then I was told, by Ryan and you, that this was 
intentional. I was confused by two things: first, I understood that the 
reason for this was that we can't calculate the GMT offset on Solaris; 
and second, that having an apr_time_t that's /not/ UTC is valid:

>>Actually, what was happening is something like this:
>>    apr_time_t old, new;
>>    apr_exploded_time_t xt;
>>    apr_time_now(&old);
>>    apr_explode_localtime(&xt, old);
>>    apr_implode_time(&new, &xt);
>>    if (old != new)
>>       it's a bug!
>Yeah, but that's what we expect!  It's not a bug!  If you call
>apr_time_now() you get GMT!  That's the basic problem in your logic - apr
>will normally work in GMT as that's a sensible (the only really sensible)
>starting point.  What you're saying is
>- get GMT time as old
>- get localtime based on GMT
>- if gmt != localtime - it's a bug!
>Unless you live in gmt_offset = 0 then it'll always be different!  In fact
>most places in the gmt_offset use DST and so it'll be different for half the
>year anyway!

What I expected was that the apr_time_t coming from apr_implode_time 
would be UTC, just like the one coming from apr_time_now. That's why I 
talked about fixing the problem; after all, just making sure that the 
tm_gmtoff field is always correct after an explode, and accounting for 
it in an implode, would be enough.

>This was what we decided at Santa Clara was the way we'd do the time zones.
>>>When I raised the question there were probably 50% of the active APR folks
>>>in the room :)
>>Hm. Good thing I wasn't there, then. :-)
>Why?  You don't like participating in discussions? :)

Not at all, but I'd have opposed the decision most loudly. :-)

>>I think what this boils down to is that the explode/implode
>>implementation is wrong. The result of an implode should always be the
>>same as the original time before the explode, regardless of what we told
>>explode to use as the offset.
>Nope.  Sorry but in that case we wouldn't need 3 different implementations
>would we?  apr_time_now gives back GMT.  apr_explode_localtime does just
>that - gives localtime.  If you want GMT use apr_explode_gmt (as testtime
>does) and it'll work as you expect.

It's not apr_explode_* I'm ranting about, it's apr_implode_time not 
giving me an apr_time_t that's UTC, even though it could. I understand 
now that this is intentional (although I still don't understand why).

I would now like to formally suggest that we consider changing the 
behaviour of apr_implode_time. It seems to be the only function in APR 
that can produce an apr_time_t that's not UTC, which is confusing. If 
that can't be done, i.e., if there is a platform where we truly can't 
compute tm_gmtoff correctly in the apr_explode_* functions, then we 
should document that.


Brane ─îibej
     home:   <brane@xbc.nu>             http://www.xbc.nu/brane/
     work:   <branko.cibej@hermes.si>   http://www.hermes-softlab.com/
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