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From Aaron Bannert <aa...@ebuilt.com>
Subject Re: [PATCH] prepare for lock mechanism selection on Unix
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 16:40:04 GMT
++1 on the readability factor (non-binding vote :)
I'm also very happy with the flexibility this will give us.


> Note that one or two bugs were fixed in the PROC_PTHREAD_SERIALIZE
> support, but I wouldn't bet on it working...  maybe we've never
> tried this with APR, or at least not in a long time?
> 1) bugs:
>    a) APR_PROCESS_LOCK_IS_GLOBAL and the idea of selecting the
>       mechanism at run-time doesn't seem safe...  need something like
>       APR_FCNTL_LOCK_IS_GLOBAL to make it work correctly
>    b) create_lock() makes a copy of the filename parm even if not
>       needed for the desired mechanism
>    c) apr_os_lock_get/apr_os_lock_put/apr_os_lock_t
>       I haven't attempted to straighten out the definition of
>       apr_os_lock_t.  We'll need to use separate fields for
>       the "int crossproc" mechanisms vs. the "pthread_mutex_t
>       *crossproc" mechanism.
>    I dunno what else... I haven't tested it yet :)
> 2) misfeatures:
>    APR_HAVE_xxx_SERIALIZE is not in apr.h
>    maybe the pthread rw lock stuff needs to use the method ptrs
>    too...  we could add a acquire_read and acquire_write field...
>    less code specific to rw lock would then be needed
> 3) minimal further work needed to allow lock mechanism selection:
>    add appropriate parm to apr_lock_create(), replace my logic in
>    locks.c:create_lock() with logic to look at parameter and
>    APR_HAVE_* defines rather than APR_USE_* defines
> Any reason I shouldn't proceed with testing/committing?  This is
> enough function to allow someone else to carry it further, and
> meanwhile we can see what build tweaks are needed on various Unix
> flavors, as this will start to compile more code into APR.

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