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From Justin Erenkrantz <jerenkra...@ebuilt.com>
Subject Re: GCC 2.96 optimization bug
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 03:07:02 GMT
FWIW, I can't seem to reproduce the problem now.  I know that I was
getting odd things last night, but I can't seem to get it to happen
again today.  Grr.  I feel silly.  I could put a note in the STATUS 
file that we've seen some oddities with GCC 2.96.  I swear I wasn't
making it up - I *was* getting segfaults because it was trying to
allocate too much memory (the size returned from elem_size() was

I do think it is something to keep an eye out on though.  I do think
Ryan's point of placing a fatal error in the autoconf routine might be
the best thing for us to do.  Force these guys to only distribute 
released compilers.  

But, once I can solidly reproduce the bug, we can then take appropriate
action.  For now, I'll keep a look out for odd things like this.  Oh,
well.  -- justin

On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 07:32:40PM -0700, rbb@covalent.net wrote:
> > > > Thoughts?  Should we just avoid this problem and tell anyone using a
> > > > default install of Mandrake that they are screwed?  Or, do we just
> > > > disable compiler optimizations with gcc 2.96?  -- justin
> > >
> > > We shouldn't have to work around bugs in beta versions of the compiler.
> > > If somebody is using a buggy compiler, then they are screwed.  Hopefully,
> > > this will teach distributions that they have a responsability to use good
> > > packages when they assemble their dist.
> >
> > Much as I'd love to agree with you, it seems to me that RHL7.1 and the
> > corresponding Mandrake distro are widespread enough that we should pay
> > them attention.  If they're broken and we know how to work around it, I
> > think we should.  Or at *least* we should warn the user to install a
> > usable revision of gcc.  Just letting it segfault with no warning at all
> > doesn't seem acceptable to me.
> >
> > PS: Don't take this to mean that I think we're responsible for finding all
> > bugs in the RH distros and accounting for them... I just think that if we
> > *do* happen to know about one that's as nasty as this then we should try
> > to inform the user somehow.  <shrug>
> I wouldn't have any problem putting a message in the install file, or
> putting a warning in even in the autoconf script.  I do not want to get in
> the habit of putting work-arounds in our configure script for buggy
> compilers though.  If we fix the problems with poor distributions, then we
> are condoning people releasing software before it is ready.  Red Hat and
> Mandrake made a poor decision, but we shouldn't have to hack our config
> file to fix their mistake.  If we work-around this by exiting and issuing
> a message that says:
> "Your compiler is known to have bugs which stop Apache from working
> properly.  Please re-configure with CFLAGS=-O2"
> This gets around the problem, but doesn't make us responsible for fixing
> RH and Mandrake's mistakes.  If there was some way to put their names in
> the error, that would be even better.
> Unless groups hold RH and Mandrake accountable, they will continue to make
> irresponsible decisions.
> Ryan
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