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From "Sander Striker" <stri...@samba-tng.org>
Subject RE: cvs commit: apr/memory/unix TODO
Date Wed, 30 May 2001 09:25:32 GMT
> Subject: cvs commit: apr/memory/unix TODO
> dreid       01/05/29 16:48:35
>   Added:       memory/unix TODO
>   Log:
>   Add a TODO for the memory stuff.


>   - given the problems that can occur when trying to find 
>     alloc/free problems we should probably have a special debug
>     memory system that records everything it does and any
>     other information we think is useful.

Getting info like the line the call was made from will be a bit
tricky to say the least. There was some discussion on the list
about it, but no resolution yet.
>   - in addition to the debugging system, we need to look at
>     methods of checking memory allocations to ensure we're
>     behaving when we have the ASSERT_MEMORY flag turned on.
>     The pools in 1.3 had code from dean and Roy, Greg has added
>     some special stuff for pools under Linux on 2.0, so we just
>     need some ideas

Under *nix some mprotect() trickery could do the trick, under
windows there is VirtualProtect(). Thoughts?


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