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From Christian Gross <ChristianGr...@yahoo.de>
Subject A question about global pools
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 18:45:34 GMT

I was experimenting with some code...

Consider the following.

    if (apr_pool_create(&context, NULL) != APR_SUCCESS) {
		printf( "Could not allocate context\n");
		exit( -1);

If I "forget" to destroy the context pool I think the pool is lost.  I
looked into the sources and I cannot seem where the context pool is

I was thinking ok, I overlooked something and thought, hmm there must
be a global pool reference.  And indeed there is in start.c, but
global_apr_pool is declared statically and hence not accessible.  It
does not seem to be used anywhere outside of start.c.  And I also
cannot seem to see a function that returns the global reference.  

Am I missing something?


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