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From GOMEZ Henri <hgo...@slib.fr>
Subject RE: [CONTRIBUTION] spec file for apr
Date Tue, 15 May 2001 08:01:02 GMT
>> I do many 'official' rpm for the Apache Group and take a look
>> at your spec :
>Euh... they aren't "ASF official". I know you build them, but I'm not
>exactly sure where they are, and why we don't have the .spec 
>files in CVS.

Yes, there are not ASF official so the ' between official :)
If you add a .spec in the top of tar.gz users could rebuild their
own rpm by using rpm -ta xxx.tar.gz which is fine.

>> - %configure fail since ./configure didn't exist. Must be 
>>   a ./buildconf used before.
>This needs to be solved. The name of the license is also 
>"Apache Software
>License" (not "Public").

I'll fix it in my http server (1.3/2.0/mod_ssl), jakarta and xml
RPMs, where the Copyright is just 'Apache'.

>Otherwise, it seems fine to me, and I'd be happy to add it to CVS.
>> - What about apr-utils ? Did you included it or will it be another
>>   RPM ?
>A separate one for apr-util would be nice, yes.

Here we go, I'll send back an updated apr.spec to Daniel and let him
send to list for definitive inclusion....
I could do the apr-util RPM...

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