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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <ad...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: [lists@rowe-clan.net: Re: CVS rename?]
Date Mon, 14 May 2001 01:47:48 GMT
From: "Greg Stein" <gstein@lyra.org>
Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2001 6:44 PM

> > > Special precautions are only needed if we want to preserve history (in the
> > > old location) and/or we have tagged the files under their old names.
> > 
> > This is _wrong_.
> > 
> > As soon as one other person checks out a tree, you danged well better drop it in
> > the attic for their benefit.  Otherwise, there is little wonder why two folks might
> > be building just fine, and everyone else later can't build.
> Huh?! If a *file* is moved in the repository, then the client properly
> handles it (with a comment noting the file is no longer in the rep.).
> Problems only occur when you move *directories*.

Yes, HUGE problems occur when you move directories.  While [probably all]
CVS clients inform you 'file has disappeared', they do _not_ necessarily
delete it.  While they do kill the tag from CVS/Entries.

I _never_ get a chance to read the update logs on occasion.  I re-update
to note the conflicts (a much, much shorter list) and see what files I have
changed and not committed.

Since I would miss it the first time, and it's been yanked from my CVS/Entries
so the message isn't repeated, I miss the change entirely.  My CVS 1.9.10 client
doesn't prune these files, it warns only once.

> It is safe to move a file. That is all we're talking about.

Safe?  Well certainly inconsiderate.

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