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From Doug MacEachern <do...@covalent.net>
Subject Re: apr_dso_handle_close ?
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 16:26:11 GMT
On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Greg Stein wrote:

> I'm with Ryan. We don't need to write a cover for the underlying DSO close.
> If you use APR's DSO stuff, then you can use its closing system.

we're not writing anything, just exposing functionality that is already in
there, tucked away private.
> Go patch Perl to add a cover for dlclose() since that is where you got the
> handle.

that is not useful for the moment, it will months before a new Perl is
released.  granted, that is not apr's problem, but apr can provide a
solution much sooner.

> I'd be fine with apr_dso_make(void *handle). [ back to the put vs make
> discussion ]
> And piffle with the extra memory or speed with wrapping an apr_dso structure
> around the handle [just to close it]. You're loading/unloading DSOs for
> chrissakes. Perf just doesn't come into the picture. And I'm sure you've got
> a pool that the apr_dso can go into, which is just about to get tossed after
> you're done unloading DSOs.

i am also closing these handles at request time, if an interpreter clone
is knocked off due to PerlInterpMaxRequest or PerlInterpMaxSpare.
don't forget, if a pool runs out of room, there's a mutex lock on
alloc_mutex and malloc of 8k or whatever the default block size is.

also with apr_dso_make there'd also 6 * num_dsos_to_close extra function
calls, apr_dso_make, apr_pcalloc, apr_pool_cleanup_register,
apr_dso_unload, apr_pool_cleanup_run, apr_pool_cleanup_kill.  not to
mention having to loop over p->cleanups * num_dsos_to_close in

if just the close part was exposed, i could do all this without using a
pool and pile of extra function calls.  it is a waste of resources,
period.  a waste of resources i can live with maybe, but don't tell me
"perf just doesn't come into the picture".

forget it, i will copy-n-paste my own portabilty layer together, patch
Perl and wait a year or two till i can throw away the duplication.

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