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From Cliff Woolley <cliffwool...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Buckets destroy not cleaning up private structures?
Date Sun, 29 Apr 2001 04:05:43 GMT
On Sat, 28 Apr 2001 rbb@covalent.net wrote:

> > I didn't know I was, but I am now.  =-)
> Didn't mean to volunteer you.  If you don't want to, or don't have the
> time, just say so, and I'll do it tomorrow.  I thought in one of your
> messages you had said you were, which is why I didn't do it earlier today.

No problem.  I think Justin might beat me to it (not trying to volunteer
HIM, mind you <grin>).  It'll get done one way or the other.  =-)


   Cliff Woolley
   Charlottesville, VA

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