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From Wilfredo Sanchez <wsanc...@MIT.EDU>
Subject Re: Clean up of DSO autoconfizification
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 07:00:51 GMT

On Wednesday, April 18, 2001, at 03:48 PM, Greg Stein wrote:

> I used an even cleaner solution in Python about a year and a half ago. 
> At
> config time, I selected one of N files to compile and link in. Each 
> module
> implemented a specific method.

   Yup.  That's how perl does it as well.  dynload_next.c should be 
dynload_dyld.c.  :)

   Only snag I have with that is that although there are several #if foo 
things in dso.c, there is also a reasonably bit of shared code, and I 
think it's easier to make changes that effect all the implementations 
when you can see them all right there.  But  I can go either way on that.

   Anyway, I'll go ahead and commit.


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