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From "B. W. Fitzpatrick" <f...@apple.com>
Subject Minutes: Notes from today's apr meeting at the hackathon
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2001 18:16:42 GMT
- apr and apr/util will be rolled and released separately. Everything 
listed here applies to both projects as separate entities.

- MD5 will move into apr-util/crypto along with the SHA-1 hashing stuff

- apr-validate-password will move into apr-util... apr needs to expose 
apr_crypt() for this (other bit's of httpd need to access apr_crypt() too.

(wrowe) apr-sdbm is incompatible with perl dbm.
(gstein) we need to fix that to be compatible. wrowe is going to revert 
apr-sdbm right now.

- We need to implement a versioning mechanism, which will go into apr/lib/
version.c and apr-util/TBD/version.c. This will implement the query 
interface into apr's capabilities. apr_version.h and apu_version.h will 
contain the function prototypes and major/minor version information.

- Everybody who has commit access should put their gpg/pgp public key into 
the keys file on the Apache site if they want to be a Release Manager.

- The declared release mechanism is this:

	- We snap a release whenever we want. We test the release, and if it's 
suitable, we declare it as unannounced/alpha/beta/release. That's it.
	- Where to announce this is still TBD.

- Ryan is going to write the build/roll script and start working towards a 
release next week.

- The website is not ready for releases, and in fact is not even hooked 
into/from www.apache.org. I (Fitz) am going to help out Ryan to make the 
website stuff happen.


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