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From e.@apache.org
Subject [PATCH] apr/mmap/unix/mmap.c buf fix / cleanup
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2001 10:41:04 GMT
The following patch makes the call to mmap in mmap.c actually use the
native_flags variable generated just above it, rather than always using
only READ.  If in fact it's not valid to use APR_MMAP_WRITE, then it
should probably be documented as such, and the code which sets
native_flags should go away.

The code which sets native flags if BEOS is set has similar issues --
but it's got a comment explaining that in fact both values are always
needed ... if in fact both are needed, it seems wrong to calculate
native_flags only to ignore the value.  So this patch removes that code.

This was pointed out to me by Jesse Burns <j_burns@hushmail.com>.

It compiles on linux; I'm working on testing.

thanks --


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