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From "David Reid" <dr...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject Re: Header strangeness...
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 22:59:51 GMT
OK, my bad - an old copy of apr_private.h was in the include directory!

Removed it and it's building OK now :)  Time I got some sleep.


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From: "David Reid" <dreid@jetnet.co.uk>
To: "APR Development List" <dev@apr.apache.org>
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2001 10:54 PM
Subject: Header strangeness...

> OK, so my laptop is now running FreeBSD 4-STABLE and I'm seeing some
> strange stuff with headers.  I committed a patch that gets mktemp.c
> but now I have a similar problem with groupinfo.c where the definition of
> HAVE_GRP_H isn't being seen (as far as I can tell the apr_private.h file
> isn't even being read) so it fails to build.
> Anyone any ideas why?  I'd carry on digging but it's time to sleep now...
> david

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