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From Jeff Trawick <trawi...@bellsouth.net>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apr configure.in
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 19:50:48 GMT
jim@apache.org writes:

> jim         01/02/27 08:58:33
>   Modified:    .        configure.in
>   Log:
>   Back to using APR_FLAG_HEADERS... note that
>   this may require GNUm4 on FreeBSD systems
>   +dnl work around unexplained problem on Tru64 where
>   +dnl the above invocation says it finds the header but
>   +dnl APR_HAVE_foo_H is 0
>   +APR_FLAG_HEADERS(stdio.h)
>   +APR_FLAG_HEADERS(errno.h)
>   +APR_FLAG_HEADERS(crypt.h)
>   +APR_FLAG_HEADERS(ctype.h)
>   +APR_FLAG_HEADERS(fcntl.h)
>   +APR_FLAG_HEADERS(netdb.h)

Unfortunately, with this my Linux box won't build but without it my
Tru64 box won't build :(  I have no interest in playing with this
until it works.

What we had up until yesterday worked everywhere and when we forgot to
do something it was easy to fix. 

Who has time for this shit?  There are real problems to fix out there.
This isn't one of them.  Whoever wants this please consider dropping
this in the crapper so that those of us who want to work on something
useful can do so.  Or at least yank it out until you can get it
working on FreeBSD, Linux, AIX, Tru64, Solaris, and wherever else,
using the standard system m4 of course.  Otherwise, it is worse than
what we started with.

Jeff Trawick | trawickj@bellsouth.net | PGP public key at web site:
             Born in Roswell... married an alien...

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