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From Jeff Trawick <trawi...@bellsouth.net>
Subject Re: FreeBSD 4.2 breakage (?)
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 23:46:29 GMT
Regarding _POSIX_SOURCE:

What did this solve again?

Perhaps my knowledge needs updating, but it wasn't long ago that there
was no ratified POSIX standard which covered the networking APIs.  I
am pretty sure that no POSIX standard covers everything which
Apache/APR needs.  

Frankly, I'm not too concerned that Apache or APR might use some
interface which is in no POSIX standard.  What is important is that
Apache/APR build and run on as many platforms as practical.

Whether the standard in vogue is POSIX (which one?), Single UNIX, or
whatever, some systems wouldn't implement the new stuff at all and
others wouldn't implement it correctly.  The same thing is true for
the different levels of the much more interesting* single Unix
specification.  Heck, some systems we work on haven't had new releases
in ages.  We just have to wander through the many flavors of God's own
OS the best we can.

*"much more interesting" because Unix95 (and later) actually specify
 an interesting enough set of interfaces that you can expect to write
 a real program using those interfaces; POSIX was never a rich enough
 set; did anybody hear of Microsoft's original POSIX box on NT?  it
 was POSIX compliant at the programming interface level but you
 couldn't do anything useful with it
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