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From r..@covalent.net
Subject Re: bucket deletion, macro caps
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 03:42:48 GMT

Cliff, you just hit on two things that I have spent a lot of time thinking
about, so I'll give my opinions to add to your own.

> I'm still trying to come up with ways to make the bucket API easier to use.
> Here are my latest musings:
> These sequences are very common:
>       apr_bucket_destroy(e);
> The two almost but not quite always go together.  That brings up two issues
> in my mind:
> (1) It'd be cool to have a third macro that combines the two, both to save
> typing and to try to avoid removing without destroying (a memory leak) or
> vice versa (a broken brigade).  The only problem I'm having is coming up
> with a name for a new macro to combine the two.  I had to resort to the
> APR_BUCKET_AMPUTATE were probably the most amusing possibilities...
> APR_BUCKET_DELETE is probably the most appropriate.  Does that sound good?

A few weeks/months ago, I was going to combine these, but never got to
it.  Then I realized that combining them wasn't as easy as you would
think.  The first option is to always destroy whenever you call
APR_BUCKET_REMOVE.  This doesn't work though, because it means that we
can't move a bucket from one brigade to another
[APR_BUCKET_REMOVE(e);APR_BRIGADE_ADD(...)].  The second option is much
more appealing.  I would just put a call to APR_BUCKET_REMOVE(e) inside of
apr_bucket_destroy().  This is safe to do, because we can't destroy a
bucket without removing it from the brigade, and if the bucket isn't in
the brigade, the macro is basically a no-op.

> (2) I'm ambivalent about the lingering non-capitalization of
> apr_bucket_destroy|read|split|setaside|copy.  On the one hand, these things
> really are just calls to a single function (well, almost), so lower case is
> okay.  And it's consistent with apr_brigade_destroy, apr_bucket_foo_create,
> and so on, which really ARE functions.  On the other hand, they're almost
> the only macros with lowercase names.  I guess the only reason they're lower
> case is that I left them that way when I converted them to macros in the
> first place--it was easier at the time because it didn't affect any of the
> callers.  But now I'm really torn.  It seems like it'd be a real pain for
> someone new to the bucket API to remember which case goes with which
> function/macro name.  I can remember, and I'm sure most of you can too, but
> then again we've been looking at these things since they were created.  What
> do you all think?  Is the documentation sufficient?  Or is a mass rename in
> order, on the premise that consistency is a Good Thing?  Which way IS
> consistent?  I could be convinced either way.

I am against renaming personally, but if you are going to rename, do it
now.  :-)


Ryan Bloom                        	rbb@apache.org
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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