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From Cliff Woolley <jc...@cs.virginia.edu>
Subject apr_sigwait/SunOS compile break
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2001 03:08:11 GMT

Just a heads up on something I ran across a day or so ago in case you all
get a chance to look at it before you roll again (I probably won't have a
chance to look at it before then).

I'm still having problems with an incorrectly detected number of arguments
to sigwait on SunOS as of Friday, I think, and AFAIK no patches have gone
in to fix it.  I know this was mentioned on the list earlier this week...
were any conclusions reached?  Basically, it's a problem of SunOS having
different numbers of arguments for sigwait depending upon what is
#defined... I seem to recall it was a problem with the configure script
not including all the right CFLAGS.

Just wanted to bring it back up in case a new tarball is being rolled
again soon, in case there's a chance it can get fixed before then.  If the
next tarball is going to be a few days off, I'll look into it myself.


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