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From Cliff Woolley <cliffwool...@yahoo.com>
Subject apr_bucket_pipe_creat and friends
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 19:35:17 GMT

Following are three minor issues in the aftermath of the APR symbol name
cleanup.  I will submit patches for any/all of them if somebody concurs:

(1) I just discovered another typo from the mass-rename:
apr_bucket_create_pipe() became apr_bucket_pipe_creat().

(2) Apache's error bucket fuctions didn't get renamed to match the changes
to APR-UTIL's buckets, so we still have functions like
ap_bucket_create_error(); it's really confusing when you have
ap_bucket_create_error() immediately following an apr_bucket_heap_create()
or something.

(3) Finally, apr_bucket_foo_notimpl became apr_bucket_notimpl_foo, which
doesn't make much sense to me:

               WAS                             NOW
     apr_bucket_setaside_notimpl  =>   apr_bucket_notimpl_setaside
     apr_bucket_split_notimpl     =>   apr_bucket_notimpl_split
     apr_bucket_copy_notimpl      =>   apr_bucket_notimpl_copy
     apr_bucket_destroy_notimpl   =>   apr_bucket_notimpl_destroy

These functions were named that way to match the names of the macros they're
placeholders for, not because they're acting on a "notimpl" bucket, as this
change would seem to imply.  So I tend to think that this part of the change
should be backed out.  Of course, of the three issues mentioned here, this
is probably the most debatable.


    Cliff Woolley
    Charlottesville, VA

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