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From w..@netscape.com (Wan-Teh Chang)
Subject Re: SGI's Accelerating Apache project
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 03:09:52 GMT
Bill Stoddard wrote:
> The change that would need to happen is for NSPR to be relicensed under a
> BSD/Apache style license.  That would be most cool.

If you consider NSPR as an external library (just like libc
or other system libraries) that Apache depends on, rather than
an integral part of Apache, then I don't see why NSPR needs
to be relicensed under a BSD/Apache style license.

I would also like to clarify one point.  Earlier in this
thread, someone wrote:
    Developers working on the NSPR have expressed interest
    in merging with APR several times in the past.

There must have been some miscommunication.  Our talks with
the Apache Group regarding basing Apache 2.0 on NSPR all
occurred before APR was created.

Although we certainly like to see Apache use NSPR, I can see
obvious obstacles to an APR/NSPR merge (in the sense of
taking parts of each to form the new Portable Runtime).  For
starters, NSPR needs to be backward compatible with previous
releases.  We can add new API functions but can't change the
current API, even if it is flawed or can be improved.  I am
not sure that the APR developers could live with this

Source code licenses could be another obstacle (again).

One interesting project is to port APR to NSPR, treating
NSPR as a platform to port to.  This will allow Apache code
to use both APR and NSPR with reduced code duplication, and
open the door to other mozilla.org technologies such as
XPCOM (cross-platform COM), NSS (the crypto and SSL libraries
in Netscape 6 and iPlanet Web Server), and LDAP SDK, that
are based on NSPR.

        Apache <---> XPCOM, NSS, LDAP SDK
         |  |               |
         v   \              |
         APR  \            /
           \   \          /
            \   \        /
             v   v      v

Wan-Teh Chang
An NSPR developer

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