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From "Jon Smirl" <jonsm...@mediaone.net>
Subject Re: Mixing Apache and Mozilla
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 06:35:25 GMT
> And to the heart of the matter: APR and NSPR. Personally, I believe the
> is pretty simple:
> 1) assuming the NSPR developers don't want to continue maintenance...
> 2) assume that the APR developers *do*  (true right now)

The Mozilla people want to keep maintaining NSPR. There are several paid
developers working on it and it is the core run-time for Mozilla and other
products. It has been heavily tested and it is a mature product. A lot of
thought and effort has been put into the design of  NSPR over several years.
NSPR also contains many features that are not available in APR. Wan-Teh can
comment more on this since he owns NSPR.

I was hoping to avoid the creation of a new portable run-time, the APR being
split out of Apache in the 2.0 project. This could be done by adding
Apache's special requirements to the existing NSPR. It would also free
Apache developers to work on other parts of Apache. There are a lot more
programmers working on Mozilla (most at Netscape) than Apache.

The other goal is the introducton of XPCOM into Apache.

A simple example of a big piece of work that has already been done. Check
out NSPR's documentation:

Any APR experts care to comment on how the two stack up against each other?

Jon Smirl

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