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From "Jon Smirl" <jonsm...@mediaone.net>
Subject Re: Mixing Apache and Mozilla
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 18:05:17 GMT
> > The other goal is the introduction of XPCOM into Apache.
> This doesn't require NSPR, does it?

XPCOM is dependent on NSPR.

> I seem to recall that *one* of the reasons that it was argued to do our
> own runtime was that NSPR had a lot of functionality that simply wasn't
> needed by server-side software.  I don't have any specifics to add to
> this, but so long as we're dealing at the 10K foot level, let it be said
> that sometimes specialization is a good thing.

Check out the docs for NSPR:
My Windows NSPR DLL is a 68KB zip file.


What are the advantages to maintaining two libraries doing the same thing
with slightly different APIs? Portable run-times are a lot of work, NSPR is
68KB times the number of platforms it works on. Supporting a portable
run-times is a permanent time sink, every time a new OS version is released
the PR has to be tweaked. I'm sure a new round of tweaking will be needed
for Windows XP.

Are there technical objections to NSPR from the Apache side?

If Apache will come on to the NSPR bandwagon my next target will be
Xerces/Xalan. They're building yet another portable run-time.

Jon Smirl

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