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From "Jon Smirl" <jonsm...@mediaone.net>
Subject Re: Mixing Apache and Mozilla
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 20:47:20 GMT
The last thing I want to create is yet another library mapping between the
two APIs. That is the worst of the possible choices. I'll work towards a
merger but I won't create another library. There is also no point in doing
the engineering work for a merger if the merger has no chance of being
accepted by either side.

Besides, I'm just a poor Apache user whose app is using components
implementing six different portable run-times. I've given up on trying to
track down memory leaks and interactions so now I just reboot once a week.
I guess I need to give up on components and go back to the model of
monolithic apps using sockets to communicate.

Jon Smirl

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